What is so special about the Colombian Food Culture?

What is so special about the Colombian Food Culture?
What is so special about the Colombian Food Culture?

Food is one of the best ways to identify the taste and habits of a particular city or country. It is really interesting to know about the secrets that make the foods of a particular place so amazing. Talking about the Colombian food culture, it is known to have its own form of travel guide. Starting from the fresh flavors of the Caribbean food to the hearty dishes of Antioquia, exploring the Colombian food culture is worth a try. Let’s discuss more!

Use of Unique ingredients

Spices are very important for any preparation, while most nations import varieties of spices from each other; several other nations are gifted with many unique ingredients that play an important role in setting its cuisine apart. One such country is Colombia, it is blessed with a number of unique ingredients and spices and all these unique spices have associating with the past.

Some common preparations

Majority of the nation’s traditional dishes have the same hearty aesthetic. For example, Ajiaco is preparation made of corn stew and rich chicken from the regions of Cundinamarca and Boyaca, it is made with different types of potatoes and a local herb known as guasca.

Another national dish known as Mondongo is a beef tripe soup made out of vegetables and coriander. It is mainly served with banana, avocado and side rice.

Don’t get misguided by the names, as the real secret of the recipes lies in their flavors. You can choose among a lot of options and savor the outstanding combination of flavors in the Colombian foods. It is probably the use of a variety of spices and other ingredients that makes the Colombian food culture so special.