Visit These Ecotourism Hotspots in Antigua and Barbuda

Visit These Ecotourism Hotspots in Antigua and Barbuda
Visit These Ecotourism Hotspots in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda’s hundreds of beaches and steady trade winds warranty a delighted daily dose of sea, sand, and sailing along with secluded coastal inlet and historic harbors. In fact, in Antigua and Barbuda, there are plenty of eco-tourism and camping options available. So whether you want to hike Antigua’s newest rainforest nature reserve to snorkeling on the protected islets, there are plenty of places to explore. Take a look below:

Hit the Hiking Trails at Wallings Nature Reserve

Wallings Nature Reserve is one of Antigua’s new designated protected areas. Located in John Hughes Village, in the island’s interior, the reserve is an important watershed area and home to the 19th century-built reservoir. With a wide-number of accessible trails, one can get a beautiful view of the Antigua and neighboring places.

Snorkel at Great Bird Island

It is located two-miles off Antigua’s northeastern coastline. Great Bird Island is one of many wildlife-rich, unpopulated offshore islets that form the largest marine reserve in Antigua. It offers a perfect escape for solitude. One can swim with a wide variety of corals and tropical fish.

Picnic with Family at Great Bird Island

What about holding a beachside picnic before going for a hike along the rocky trail? Here, you will get a scenic overlook. Take in the panoramic views over all the surrounding isles in this marine reserve area.

Hop on Island Safari

If you want a Glimpse of Antigua’s diverse landscape and coastline, then an open-side safari can be a great option.

These ecotourism spots would never fail to entertain tourists during their trip to Antigua and Barbuda.

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