The Wide variety of things you can do in Cap Haitien

The Wide variety of things you can do in Cap Haitien
The Wide variety of things you can do in Cap Haitien

Cap Haitien is located on the north coast of Haiti and it can be regarded as a hub for the Caribbean culture, beauty and history. There was a time when Cap Haitien was the richest city in Caribbean but now it is more admired for its enthralling beauty and serenity. There are many places to check and explore in Cap Haitien, ranging from the rich colonial history of the Caribbean to the historical sites, the religious sites and the mesmerizing monuments.

Labadee is named after a French explorer

Labadee is known to be a place as well as a beach located on the north of Cap Haitien. The place has been named after a 17th century French Explorer. Tourists prefer this place to soak up the sun and also enjoy amazing views of the ocean.

Cap Haitien also has a UNESCO World Heritage site, sitting on top of a lush green mountain on the south. It is a large fortress, the Citadelle belonging from 1805. Visitors generally travel to the top on foot or by renting a horse and enjoy the spectacular view on the north coast from the top.

Lakay Restaurant

This Caribbean restaurant is the most loved hangout spot for the tourists as well as the locals. You can decide which one you want to enjoy more, the captivating seaside views or the perfectly cooked food. Lanky is the best place to fill your tummy and motivate your senses with the breathtaking views.

Cap Haitien is the best place to enjoy with peace. You get to be in touch with your high spirits of adventure but at the same time love the fact of enjoying a place with not so much crowd

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