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The Tallest Sandcastle in the World is as High as 17.66 Meters

The Tallest Sandcastle in the World is as High as 17.66 Meters
The Tallest Sandcastle in the World is as High as 17.66 Meters

How many of you still remember the memories of building your first ever sandcastle by the golden sea shores? Nostalgic, Right? Gone are those golden childhood days when there was all play and no work, no worries and no tensions but only pure fun. While growth is an inevitable part of life, some people around the world have successfully managed to keep the right balance between growing up and doing all those things in life to keep the craziness and childlike nature in them alive.

Building a sandcastle is never easy but once done it looks simply stunning by the sea shore. Did you know about the biggest sandcastle in the world? The biggest sandcastle in the world is located in Binz, Germany with a height of 17.66 meter. This is not it; this sand castle has also achieved the world record of the highest sandcastle to be ever constructed.

It has been under construction, since the month of May and following a month of rigorous construction it has finally toppled the height of the previous sandcastle that was constructed in 2017 in Germany’s Duisburg, with a height of 16.68 meters.

Where it was constructed?

This magnificent sandcastle was constructed at the Sand Sculptures Festival in Binz, on the shores of the Baltic Sea Island of Ruegen. Although the sandcastle competition has become an annual feature on the social calendar of Binz since 2010, there is a unique factor that draws massive number tourists to this festival to have a look at the creative sculptures built by the beach around Binz.

The massive amount of detail in these sandcastles is pretty incredible. The construction represents the city of Game of Thrones. It is known that several artists were involved in giving the structure the needed finishes.