The Best Places to Visit in Italy’s Verona

The Best Places to Visit in Italy’s Verona
The Best Places to Visit in Italy’s Verona

Verona is one of the best Italian cities that offer tourists with some of the most exciting things to do including the experience of staying close to the most celebrated works of Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet. The architecture in the city is simply stunning and it can be found in almost every corner of the city. Once you step into the city, it almost gives you a feeling of being in the sets of some Old Italian Hollywood movie.

This city is very easy to wander around and in terms of visiting; it is relatively easy to visit it with a decent airport that connects it with most of the other major cities.

Arena di Verona

You better book this place in advance as tickets tend to move out very easily. Even if you fail to book an evening, you can still visit during the day. This ancient Roman amphitheater is the best thing to visit for its rich historical influence.

Verona Cathedral

The Cathedral is the perfect place in the town to admire the intricately designed masterpiece with amazing architecture.

Piazza Bra

This is the best spot for all the travelers who are hungry or simply love trying out new delicacies. You have the choice of a number of cafes and restaurants and interestingly all of them are pretty good.


This massive structure belongs from the 17th century and it is probably the biggest site to explore in terms of space. It is advised that you keep a decent amount of time to explore this place at its best.

Starting from the well constructed churches to all the historical sites, Verona is a city that has it all. It is perfect for all those who love exploring historical sites from its depths.