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The Attractive Day Trips to take from New Castle

The Attractive Day Trips to take from New Castle
The Attractive Day Trips to take from New Castle

The city of New Castle itself has a lot to offer, but did you know about some of the other exciting places that you could visit in just a day trip? You could be at these exciting places probably within an hour from the city of Newcastle. Let’s discuss a little more in detail about the most attractive places to visit in a day trip from Newcastle.


Durham is the perfect place to visit in a day trip if you want to spend your day in exploring the most unique heritage and characters. You would come across plenty of medieval bridges, cobbled streets and the amazing River Wear. Additionally you will also find the Durham tower, Cathedral and Castle that is equally charming and beautiful.

Angel of the North

You can visit this iconic steel sculpture with 20-metres height within a drive of 15 minutes.  The structure was complete back in 1998 and it stands to signify the coal miners who worked for two centuries underground and also the transition of the industrial age to the information age.

Hadrian’s Wall

This is a world heritage site since 1987 and you can reach the historic wall within an hours drive, it is the best retained frontier of the Roman Empire


The city is home to one of the most magnificent cathedrals of the world and it takes an hour of train journey from Newcastle Central Station to reach the city.

There are many other attractive places that you can visit in a day from the city of Newcastle. It is a good idea to uncover these nearby places such that you do not regret of missing out the best places.