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Reason to Visit the Swabian Alb Mountain Range

Reason to Visit the Swabian Alb Mountain Range
Reason to Visit the Swabian Alb Mountain Range

The Swabian Mountains is a low mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is also known as the Swabian Jura or Swabian Alb. Starting from Ellwangen in the north-east to Tuttlingen in the south-west, much of the mountain range consists of gentle to moderate hills that are usually covered with forests and agriculture. It is kept protected by the Neckar in the northwest and young Danube Rivers in the southeast, and Lake Bodensee that touches the southernmost top.

Well, the landscape forms a part of treasure of the Swabian Albs. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful place. Take a look below:

It’s the Cradle of Civilization

The Swabian Alb was home to some of Europe’s first modern humans and archaeologists are still discovering their bones and belongings even today. At the Archäopark Vogelherd Museum in Niederstotzingen, one can take a look at Ice Age treasures and try their hand at throwing spears, making fire and carving tools like their ancestors.

It Has Hidden Depths

Underneath the Swabian Alb lies a honeycomb of caverns, cut over millions of years by the area’s abundant waterways. Laichinger Tiefenhöhle, is the deepest show cave in Germany, consisting of many huge chambers and towering shafts. The Wimsener Höhle in Hayingen can be toured by boat and it takes one deep inside the cavern.

The Hiking Is Heavenly

The Swabian Alb is criss-crossed with more than 60 excellent and certified hiking trails. One would find paths through the meadows, ancient forests, idyllic vineyards, and apple orchards.

It Is Albert Einstein’s Birthplace

The city of Ulm is the birthplace of Albert Einstein. But the city is also famous for the highest church steeple in the world.

The Castles Are Incredible

One can take a look at Lichtenstein Castle or the Hohenzollern Castle. The castle seems to float on a carpet of clouds, while its spires pierce the haze.

Now, you have plenty of reason to visit this beautiful place.

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