Proper Voluntourism can benefit Communities and Organizations

Proper Voluntourism can benefit Communities and Organizations
Proper Voluntourism can benefit Communities and Organizations

Voluntourism is among the emerging trends of tourism where people travel to foreign nations as Volunteers to do something good. The kind of work performed by these volunteers range from taking care of the environment to helping vulnerable children or even alleviates property. In many foreign countries young adults use their summer breaks to get involved in these forms of activities.

How does the system work?

Most of the organizations that offer opportunities in voluntourism, provided their volunteers with lodging and meals in exchange for unpaid help, while the rest of the organizations can also charge the volunteers with a sum of money to be a part of the program. Here are some of the programs in which the volunteers may work:

Environmental Support

Volunteers can work in conducting coral reef research or even collect data on global warming. they can also work with animals.

Community Aid

They can provide community aid by working in local kitchen or even teaching to local children or adults

Cultural Preservation

Volunteers can participate in archeological digs and also explore different historic sites for preservation purposes.

Is Voluntourism good for society?

Voluntourism or Responsible tourism is one of the trending segments in the tourism industry, however one negative aspect of this trend is the level of qualification of the students or people working with these organizations so as to help the clinics and the orphanages because these are fields that require specific qualifications.

Another aspect that creates a widespread image in most of the poverty stricken countries is the misconception of changing things through western intervention. However, both these issues have the scope of recovery as well. Therefore, if Voluntourism is done in the right manner and in a sustainable way, it can help in sustaining a local economy and also provide massive benefits to the society in which they are working.

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