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The Problems with Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is trying to get more tourists to visit but it is certainly not a good idea for visitors. There are several problems in Turkey that should keep off tourists from visiting the nation. Some of those issues are as follows.

Racial tensions are a serious problem in Turkey. Tourists from America, Europe and even the Gulf have been known to face provocations and harassment because of their race.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.



Several of the streets and cities in Turkey are quite unsafe. The mafia and the underworld are quite active in certain regions. As such, kidnapping is a major problem. Drugs and drug abuses are another major issue being faced in Turkey. Tourists need to be wary of these issues.

The problems have been compounded because of the corrupt and lethargic authorities in the country. The country’s police are negligent. Their lack of cooperation means that they rarely deal with any problems quickly or effectively. This is especially the case if foreigners or even Arab tourists file any cases or complaints at the police stations for issues such as provocation or theft.

There is also the issue of elections to consider. Tourists heading to Turkey should especially be wary of visiting in the coming months because of the elections. Due to the elections, there will be an increase in security in various places all over Turkey. For tourists, this can be a problem. Security concerns may cause certain spots to be restricted. Of course, there is the harassment as well.

In fact, Turkey is going through a tough time, not just politically but also economically. The Turkish economy is in bad shape. As a result, there has been rampant poverty and unemployment. That, in turn, has caused a spike in the crime rate which is certainly bad for tourists.

In short, visiting Turkey is not without its problems. Visitors need to be aware of the issues before they start planning to avoid running into problems.

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