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Plan a Visit to The Rustic Appalachian Mountain Huts

Plan a Visit to The Rustic Appalachian Mountain Huts
Plan a Visit to The Rustic Appalachian Mountain Huts

Can it be possible to see only clouds from your bed when you first Open your eyes? Yes, it is. The mountain huts of the Appalachian mountain club offers you comfortable but rustic hospitality. These huts are accessible only on foot. Every year thousands of hikers tread through the mountainous trail of the Appalachian to reach there. Already planning a trip? Check the following tips before.

About The Huts

A 50 miles long trail on the Appalachian binds the eight huts together. The first hut was built in 1888. Since then the rest of the huts were added one-by-one. Around 30,000 hikers stay here every year. You can also get a membership for staying in these huts.

Planning The Trip

The White Mountain Guide will act as a bible in materializing your trip. Though you have to trek through the mountain to reach any of the eight huts, some treks are a bit easier than others. If you have the guide, you will be able to plan the stay considering your fitness level.

Getting There

The place is about 6.5 to 7 hours drive from Newyork City. You have to spend the night to one of the many lodges before jumping-off in your trekking route. You can even get small trekking items for your impending trek here.

Walking On The Trail

The Appalachian Mountain offers one of the hardest trails in the North American mountains. Even the seasoned hikers assume a slow pace here. So, don’t get overexcited or else you might hurt yourself. Yet, if you are ready to face the arduous terrain, you will be showered with abundant gifts from mother nature.

After trudging through the tough and merciless trails, the sight of the lights of these hut feels welcoming. Fresh food, running water, and a warm bed, what else a hiker needs?