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For Next FIFA World Cup Qatar Is Resorting to Bribery and Slavery

The 2018 Mens’ World Cup is already in the news, with the national team of French already dominating the disturbed-minded Croatian counterparts. Apart from the exciting matches, the World Cup was saturated with a lot of geopolitical drama taking place.


For Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, the World Cup acted as a soft power rebellion. Now, all attention is on Qatar, as it gears up to host the 2022 World Cup.


While Russia’s World Cup took place against the backdrop of Great Power flexibility; in the case of Qatar, it’s going to take place on the backdrop of slavery and bribery.


Qatar has been accused of bribing FIFA officials. They bribed the officials so that they can win the bid for becoming the host country for the FIFA World Cup 2022. It was reported that one FIFA official received around $1 million so that the official cast his vote for Qatar.


Moreover, it has been also alleged that Qatar bidding team performed a secret campaign so that the reputation of its contenders of host bids gets damaged. This was possible as Qatar took the help of PR firms and CIA agents in order to attack the reputation of other countries.


Qatar is an unfriendly place for the world’s most acclaimed soccer tournament to take place. During summer months nit becomes sultry and humid; sometimes the temperature reaching three digits. For this reason, FIFA was forced to shift the tournament to winter months.


The social climate might be discordant for soccer fans, corporate brands, and the players. However, as per reports, the tiny gulf nation of Qatar has been forcing workers to work under soaring temperatures.


Investigation report from the human rights group pointed that due to lack of proper safety harness at the construction sites, it has lead to many deaths. Also, the workers are not being given their due wages. Their accommodation is poor; added to that there has been a breach of human rights violations. Qatar’s labor practices follow the Kafala system.

The workers are committed to their employers. Hence, they can’t ask for better wages or living accommodations.


After protests from human rights watch group, though some changes were brought to the labor law; yet, few has been implemented.


Qatar by hosting the World Cup 2022 wants to show its financial muscles without least caring about accusations like bribery and slavery.