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If You Are in Morocco, Don’t Even Dare To Commit the Following Mistakes

If You Are in Morocco, Don’t Even Dare To Commit the Following Mistakes
If You Are in Morocco, Don’t Even Dare To Commit the Following Mistakes

When visiting a new place or a country on a vacation, one fear that grips tourists is whether their actions would be offending the locals. This fear is common for travellers, especially when they are coming from a different culture and encountering a new culture. Many travellers think a small mistake won’t matter much and the locals won’t mind. However, it’s not the case with Morocco or Moroccan people.

More and more people are visiting Morocco each year. It’s a beautiful captivating destination that attracts all types of tourists like travellers, photographers and videographers, families, couples, etc. While the country offers a wide range of attractions and activities; but on the downside, there are some things that tourists should keep in mind when visiting Morocco.

Dress Properly

Guys can dress in whatever way they might like; however, women travellers need to dress properly. One shouldn’t wear something that draws unwanted attention. When visiting mosques, women need to cover down to their wrists and ankles.

Disrespect Islam

Morocco’s state religion is Muslim. Even being the world’s easy going Islam nations, no guests should disrespect Islam or upset the hosts. Offering opinions should be avoided, but one can limit their discussions to Islam.

Disrespect Monarchy

Morocco’s lèse–majesté makes mocking, denouncing, or speaking badly about the Moroccan king unlawful. A few misguided murmurs might be offensive, but going too far could actually lead to a jail sentence of up to three years. Respecting laws is advisable.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Speak English

In popular tourist and commercial areas like Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, Tangier, and Casablanca, don’t expect many people to speak English in these lesser-visited parts of the nation. Knowing and speaking basic Arabic, would help in communicating with people.

Taking picture without Permission

Seeking permission of the locals before taking their picture is important. Especially, in the market area, one needs to ask the charge they might be taking for getting clicked with you. Without their permission taking picture might offend them.

Keeping these pointers in mind would make the Morocco trip a memorable one. So following it is crucial.

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