Maldives – A Manmade Residential Island with Spectacular Beaches

Maldives – A Manmade Residential Island with Spectacular Beaches
Maldives – A Manmade Residential Island with Spectacular Beaches

The Maldives is a country In South Asia and it is also a tropical nation that is located in the Indian Ocean. The country that is lavishly lying on the Indian Ocean has more than hundred Coral Islands and it is known for its stunning and dazzling beaches. Over the years the Maldives has become a very popular tourist destination that attracts a decent number of tourists. It is a stunning island that is completely surrounded by the divine blue beaches.

The Best Time to visit the Maldives
The average temperature in the Maldives stays somewhere in between 23 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius and it also remains sunny and hot all around the year. As per the best weather conditions, the most favourable time to visit the Maldives is in between the months of November and April. The peak tourist season is in between December and March. The monsoon season mainly runs between May and October, while being a peak in the month of June.

How to travel in low budget?
Until now the only way to stay in the Maldives was by staying at a private island resort and this would never be budget friendly. However, the government has recently launched a new law, in fact, they have updated the earlier laws and with that, the locals of the island can open guest house and run it as well. This will not only develop local tourism but also let the tourists stay at a much lower rate when compared to the private resort guesthouses.

What more?
The Maldives is also known for having some of the most world class waves and Surf Tourism is, therefore, becoming very famous in the Maldives. Apart from that, scuba diving is also very famous here and this is another reason why tourists are attracted in the Maldives.

Maldives is a wonderful place for spending a week, either with your friends or with your family. Enjoy the crystal clear water and the beautiful clear skies along with the serene atmosphere and let your heart find peace.