Liberty Island Is Now Home to the Statue of Liberty Museum

Liberty Island Is Now Home to the Statue of Liberty Museum
Liberty Island Is Now Home to the Statue of Liberty Museum

Tuning from a normal person to someone with an iconic personality is like a dream come true for many, but what happens when the same happens for something that does not have life apparently?

You might think this to be impossible for in this modern generation there are only few things that are next to impossible but never completely impossible. You must be well aware of the world famous Statue of Liberty, a leviathan symbol of freedom and is also the most recognizable figures across the world. This lady now has a museum of her own.

This island is located on the Liberty Island and is now open to all. The museum includes a special educational gallery with an immersive theater. It also the original torch of the statue that was designed in 1874.

The museum covers an area of 26,000 sq ft and it’s known as the Statue of Liberty Museum. It offers guests with digital guided tours in 13 different languages. In addition to that sign language tours are also available using iPads. The museum also facilitates the convenience for visually impaired tourists with physical explanations.

Visitors can also reach the top of the statue but of course through a virtual fly in order to re create the views of the interiors and the sounds.

The original torch of the Statue is the most impressive inclusion in the museum that was sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi in was delivered to America in the year 1885. Since then the torch has gone through many structural and stylistic changes, the latest torch was installed in 1984.

The museum is a new attraction the New York City and access to the museum is free.