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Learn About These New Rules Before You Plan a Trip to Rome

Learn About These New Rules Before You Plan a Trip to Rome
Learn About These New Rules Before You Plan a Trip to Rome

Rome has introduced a string of new rules and regulations in order to maintain decorum in the city. These new rules are aimed not only for the sensible but also for the quirky traveler who is visiting Rome. With the new rules going to become effective soon, it would help to deal with those tourists who drink water from the fountains in an impolite way or drag suitcases down the historic steps. From now onwards, tourists should try to avoid gathering all kind of unwanted attention as much as possible. After all, getting caught in the act of classic tourist mistakes is very annoying and shameful.

Drinking Water

Tourists would need to be heedful about the way they drink water from the city’s public drinking fountains. Authorities have ordered it’s not satisfactory for thirsty tourists to let their mouth touch the metal spout; instead they can cup their hands under the spout and drink water.

No Performance on Public Transport

Another ruling decree is that singing or playing instrument on public transport in the city is banned.

No Dragging

People no longer would be allowed to take prams or wheeled suitcases up and down the historic steps, like Spanish Steps,

New Rules to Be Enforced

Although it’s not clear how the new rules would be enforced or what fines might be charged if people are caught breaking it. However, as per news, it has been declared that police would be patrolling the historic sites. Tourists might be temporarily banned from visiting the place in case they misbehave.

With these rules being implemented, rogue behavior can be easily avoided.

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