Kasol Is an Ideal Destination for the Hippies

Kasol Is an Ideal Destination for the Hippies
Kasol Is an Ideal Destination for the Hippies

Kasol is a tiny hamlet in the Kullu district, of Himachal Pradesh, in northern India. It is perched in Parvati Valley, on the banks of the roaring Parvati River. Well, Kasol has turned out to be one such place that’s ideal for trekkers, nature lovers. This small hamlet shot into limelight for its notorious trance parties and unhindered use of marijuana.

Visiting Kasol

This small land of paradise always remains packed with local and foreign tourists, especially Israelis. In fact, Israelis proudly now call Kasol as their home. Sign-boards written in Hebrew are easy to spot. Also, getting a scenic mountain view is very easy. Unaffected by commercialization, Kasol is a haven for hippie in the wilderness.

What To See And Do?

A sudden surge in the number of backpackers, who look forward to relaxing getaway in Kullu, usually heads to Kasol village. Foreign tourists, especially Israeli hippies throng to Kasol as there is no kind of restriction on them.

The scenery of this tiny hamlet is remarkable, with an abundance of things to do and see. Take a look below:


For a remarkable view of glaciers and breathtaking Himalayan valleys, trek up to Kheer Ganga, at a height of 13,000 feet. This trek is very easy and takes one through tiny hamlets and a series of beautiful waterfalls. Other available treks are Pin Parvati Pass or Yanker Pass treks.

Riverside Camping

You would love to hear the roaring sound of the River Parvati while camping along its banks. One can also opt for rafting on this river.

Village Hopping

Within easy reach of Kasol, there are many tiny villages. An hour drive from Kasol would take you to the secluded village of Malana, which is a hit among potheads. Or one can visit Tosh village, which is popular for trance festival. These villages have home stays and guesthouses.

Taste Israeli Food

If you want to taste shakshuka, hummus & falafel; you will get it is Kasol. With Israeli influence in abundance, tasting Israeli cuisines is very easy across the cafes and restaurants.

This small village offers a perfect mix of laid-back lifestyle and carefree spirit. This place won’t disappoint any hippies.