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Few know about Boston’s Association with its Haunted Places

Few know about Boston’s Association with its Haunted Places
Few know about Boston’s Association with its Haunted Places

Boston has a reputation of offering tourists and visitors with all forms of modern activities. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and it was discovered in 1693. Besides being a large city, Boston also has a secret association with a number of haunted places. Although very few people are aware of this fact, but it is actually true, especially when the city lost a massive number of its inhabitants following a deadly disease.

In the recent times the city’s haunted destinations and buildings have piqued interest among people, so if you are looking to explore a little bit of supernatural activity in Boston, here are some places you can check out.

Fort Warren

Generally, forts are always associated with ghosts because of their rich historical presence and the many tales associated with it. The same is with Fort Warren where people claim to see the spirits of a woman in black robes.

The Granary Park Burying Grounds

Although people tend to freak out when it comes to spending time alone in cemeteries but the burying grounds in Granary Park is even more baleful. It is still not known how the eerie noises are emitted and more than one ghost-like sighting has been reported at this site.

The Pilot House

This house was constructed in 1989 for the resting place for the passing pilots and other ship captains, however, the site is now known to hold strange occurrences and there are many tales of supernatural activities.

Omni Parker House Hotel

This is known as the most haunted hotel in Boston and it has been the same for centuries. The elevator is known to stop on the third floor without anyone’s assistance.

There are several other places in Boston that indicate of having a clear association with haunted places, do you dare to visit any of these places?

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