Explore Columbus through the Amazing Museums in the City

Explore Columbus through the Amazing Museums in the City
Explore Columbus through the Amazing Museums in the City

The Museums in Columbus are more than just museums. You could literally spent a whole day hanging in and around the museum without realizing that the day is about to end. It is not just for the stunning collections of art, artifacts, science or history, but also for the amazing ambience in the museum. In fact, some of the museums also have restaurants in them adding it to be an extra exciting day in it.

Hera are some of the museums you will love to visit in Columbus:

  1. National Veterans Museum

This is among one of the newest museums in the city offering a new kind of visitors experience. It provides an insight of the American war Veterans in their front lines of combat and it also provides visitors with multimedia experiences.

2. Columbus Museum of Arts

This museum specializes in different forms of art works including European and American art works dating back from the 19th and 20th centuries. It also consists of contemporary works, including paintings, photography, glass, wood carvings and sculptures.

3. Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum

This museum is a hidden treasure in Columbus and it is especially popular among the car enthusiasts. Those who have already visited it, describes it as one of the most fascinating museums in the city.

4. Ohio History Center

The Ohio History Center exhibits the history life of Ohio including the rich background of sports as well as the anthropological discoveries in the state.

There are many more museums to visit in the state of Ohio including the Cultural Arts Center, Ohio Craft Museum, Orton Geological Museum and the Central Ohio Fire Museum. You can choose the museums of your choice and spent time exploring it at its best.

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