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Dubai Planning New Tourism Scheme in Order to Offer New Experiences to Tourists

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) is going to present a set of actions in order to provide end-to-end ‘Only in Dubai’ experiences. The act intent to assure that tourist gets to enjoy best kind of experience during their stay in the emirate. This would encourage them to visit the country again. This move is a part of the country’s endeavor to bolster and preserve the city’s premise.

One of the key mainstays of Dubai Tourism Vision 2022-2025, the ‘Only in Dubai’ set of drives is to give accurate destination experience across travel points that have been customized to appropriate sections for tourists.

The tourism plan that was declared by Dubai’s leadership intents to make Dubai the most visited city in the world, which is going to target 25 million visitors each year by 2025.

Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Tourism, stated that while Dubai’s world-class hypothesis and worldliness display the variety of the destinations and offer section-based preferences for tourists, Dubai Tourism is working closely with the partners and investors so that the personalized end-to-end experiences can be offered. This indicated that visitors would be able to carry back great memories with them as they would be collecting great moments during every part of their travel.

Issam also stated that by delivering ‘Only in Dubai’ experiences, tourists would certainly leave the city happily. Moreover, the unforgettable moments will make the tourists’ desire to visit the city again and even discuss about Dubai’s great offerings with their friends and relatives.

Dubai Tourism mentioned that in order to create a Only in Dubai experience, different kinds of specific programs, activities would be designed.