Discover Some Amazing Fog Watching Spots in San Francisco

Discover Some Amazing Fog Watching Spots in San Francisco
Discover Some Amazing Fog Watching Spots in San Francisco

The shallow fog that often engulfs San Francisco and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge goes by the name of Karl. It even has a Twitter and Instagram account with the name @KarlTheFog. The fog which is intrinsic to San Francisco is a particular type of fog, advection fog, which means that it has horizontal movement. Unlike other types of fog, like the valley fog or radiation fog, which gravitate to stay in place, the advection fog moves from one place to another. That’s why it can mimic an undulating blanket moving over the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco is famous for its fog. Perhaps no place on Earth is more closely associated with fog than San Francisco. If you want to watch the extended period of fogs above the marine layer, you would need to head to some popular fog-watching spots. Take a look below:

Mt Davidson

When you are on the lookout for a chilly embrace, it’s the best place to locate KarlTheFog. Sometimes, you would feel like the fogs kissing your forehead as they don’t rise very high.

Sutro Bath/ Lands End

It is one of the iconic spots to enjoy San Faranciso fog at any point of time.

Cupid’s Arrow/ Bay Bridge

When one gets the chance to see Karl sweeping past the Bay Bridge while standing at Cupid’s Arrow, one would feel like leaving their heart there.

Bernal Heights Park

This forms an excellent location to watch Karl brim the hills of Noe Valley and Twin Peaks. While you jog past downtown and Salesforce Tower, you will simply fall in love with this place.

When you are in San Francisco, head to these places for watching the famous KarlTheFog. It can be a great feeling to watch the fog passing by the skyline.

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