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Discover Some of the Best Hikes in and Around Switzerland

Discover Some of the Best Hikes in and Around Switzerland
Discover Some of the Best Hikes in and Around Switzerland

More than 65,000km of marked trails crosses through the sturdy peaks, flower-filled meadows, and shinning glacial lakes. The Swiss Alps arouses the same dose of excitement during the hiking season i.e. usually from of May to mid-October, as it does during the winter months, when it’s covered with snow.

While hiking the trails in Switzerland, there won’t be many luxurious places to stay in. However, if you are lucky enough you can get remote mountain huts that can offer a great panoramic view of the surrounding from such high attitude. Some of the popular hiking trails that can be tried are:

Haute Route

One of the famous marked paths that allows to stay in one of the century-old family run hut. The Haute Route links the two ‘capitals’ of the Alps: Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland.

The Swiss Glacier Trail

A four-hour hike along Europe’s biggest glacier starts with a beautiful cable car ride up the Bettmerhorn Mountain and finishes high above the Unesco-listed Aletsch Glacier. Hikers should head to the Lake Marjelen that reflects the mountains and soft cotton fields. You will get a remote hut that would serve local apple tart and wine.

The Romantic Trail

A cable car ride would take one to the summit of Männlichen, where one can get a great view of the entire valley. Among the numerous hiking trails available, the Romantic Trail is amazing. If one is lucky enough, they can get a view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the celebrated majestic summits that looks over the entire region. Family friendly huts are there that looks over Eiger.

Surenen Pass

It forms a part of the long-distance Alpine Pass Route that crosses Switzerland from east to west. The Suren Pass is a historic mountain route, which starts from the village of Altdorf s near the southern end of Lake Uri. This pass revels in glacial ravines that are dotted with sloshing waterfalls and green peaks. The trek would come to an end at the village of Engelberg.

Through the Alpsteinmassiv

From Zurich, a few hours’ train ride would take one to Brülisau, a village that is encircled by limestone massifs. From Brülisau one can hike to Hundstein, which passes past rural houses, cascading streams. One can swim at the beautiful Fählensee Lake that is edged in by the Altmann and Widderalpstocke mountains. From there one can climb up to 1554m above sea level and stay in one of the costliest huts.