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Beyond The Inca Trail – Top Treks in South America

Beyond The Inca Trail – Top Treks in South America
Beyond The Inca Trail – Top Treks in South America

In South America, finding the best hikes isn’t that difficult. South America is known as one of the top destinations in the world for trekking or hiking. After all, in this nation, one would be able to find various types of treks, starting from easy to challenging one.

For a long time, there is a misconception that there is only Inca Trail, which offers beautiful landscapes, untamed Nature, and epic adventures to the hikers. Well, it’s not so. The 12 sovereign countries of South America promise hikers of a memorable experience that would last for a long time.

South America is famous for its natural diversity, starting from high Andes mountains to the coastal range, ancient ruins to tropical forests. Every hiker would find a trek they would love to be it in Ecuador or Argentina or Peru. Some of the epic treks or walking trail that one can opt for in South America is mentioned below:

  • Huchuy Qosqo Trek, Peru

Go for a hike to the little known site of Huchuy Qosqo. It can offer plenty of Inca fascination, with the trademark stone steps, grand ruins, a dramatic canyon – but not so much crowd. En route you’ll pass old collapsing terraces and grazing llamas and alpacas. One can get an amazing view of the lakes and snow peaks such as sacred Salkantay.

  • Fitz Roy Loop, Argentina

Located in the heart of captivating Argentinean Patagonia, this short hike would take one to the most beautiful spots of the nation, the Fitz Roy Mount and its brother the Cerro Torre.

  • Quilotoa Traverse, Ecuador

The 200km Quilotoa Loop road joins Andean villages and volcanically-sculpted countryside in remote central Ecuador. It’s ideal for many trailheads for self-guided hikes. It offers some amazing scenery.

  • Paso de las Nubes, Argentina

This easy-moderate trek would take one through dense rainforest to the east of mighty Monte Tronadoe. Here, you would be taken to the blue glitter of Laguna Frias, which you would love it.

  • Grand Circuit, Brazil

In this trek, if you are on the lookout for birds and orchids, you will find it. This route loops up and down amid the distinctive table-top massifs, and passes through a wide plateau, emerald valleys and dive-in-able pools.

  • W Trek, Chile

On this trail, you will get a beautiful view of the surroundings, which would be loved by everyone.

Trekking in South America is always an adventure of a lifetime. So tighten the hiking boots tightly and head for any one of these lesser-known trekking paths.