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Best Midsummer Travel Experiences in Europe worth Trying Out

Best Midsummer Travel Experiences in Europe worth Trying Out
Best Midsummer Travel Experiences in Europe worth Trying Out

This year, if you don’t want to join other party animal at Stonehenge in the UK, you can definitely head for a Nordic or Baltic for having a great midsummer travel experience. Every year, thousands of travelers flock to Stonehenge in Wiltshire in order to experience the wonder of the midnight sun for summer solstice.

Those who want to escape the maddening crowd and still want to welcome midsummer festivities, one can head further north for an unforgettable celebration.

Celebrate Midsummer in Latvia

One of the most significant holidays in the Latvian calendar, is midsummer or Jāņi. It is more commonly known to residents – is considered as a somewhat mystic event, steeped in ancient pagan tradition. Latvian musicians and folk groups play through the night with activities taking place till sunrise.

Stroll Norway’s Summer Island

The small fishing village of Sommarøy in Norway is enveloped in the light of the midnight sun for weeks on end during the midsummer period. Its isolated location allows one to enjoy uninterrupted midnight hikes.

Dance around the Midsummer Pole in Sweden

Midsummer celebrations are crucial to Scandinavian culture, and in Sweden it is even observed as a national holiday. Dancing around midsummer poles decorated with flowers is a crucial part of the celebrations, and houses are also decorated inside and out in the same fashion.

Bear Watching in Finland

Midsummer provides the perfect time to watch the bears in their natural habitat. Constant sunlight hints that one gets to watch the furry mammals bathing and hunting for food with ease.

Paddle under Iceland’s Midnight Sun

Kayaking through Iceland’s calm and tranquil Eastfjords is highly recommended all year round; however, the midnight sun in June offers a unique opportunity to paddle the waters through the night.

These experiences can be great for travelers who want to experience the midnight sun.

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