Bermuda’s Crystal Caves is a Replica of the Other World

Bermuda’s Crystal Caves is a Replica of the Other World
Bermuda’s Crystal Caves is a Replica of the Other World

How would you imagine a world that is different from the world you have been a part of for so long? Is it the same as hustle and bustle or is it something far calmer? While different people will have different views about their own imaginary other world, there is one place that happens to be a complete replica of the other world that most people will love to visit. It is the Crystal caves in the Bermuda and it is stunning.

The Crystal Caves in Bermuda is large network underground cave system and were discovered more than a century ago from the crystallized formations inside the cave. What’s more? In the caves you can also come across stunning blue pools that crystal clear as well.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority said that the caves formed about 1.6 million years ago during the Pleistocene Ice Age. the formation process is very interesting, as the authority explains that the oceans levels dropped dramatically and began to penetrate  into the caves. The water accumulated slowly and crystallized and transformed into amazing formations that can be seen today.

The caves have been popular among the tourists for many years, especially as an adventure spot. The water levels in the cave is usually 55feet deep and despite being a very active tourist spot, when you look at the caves you can still find the prehistoric sense of wonders imbibed in them.

Besides the Crystal Caves, you can also find the Fantasy Caves sitting right next, however, it is still a separate system. It is way more orange in color and are made of the calcite mineral deposits. Both the caves are located in Hamilton Parish and visitors can take a trip round the year.

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