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An Account of How the Chinese Celebrate New Year in the UAE

With more than 200,000 Chinese Citizens and 4,000 Chinese companies housed in the UAE, it’s not surprising that the Chinese natives look forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year in the UAE. As per comments by several Chinese natives in the UAE, events are celebrated with food, fireworks and family gatherings where people choose to flaunt themselves in red attire as a symbol of togetherness.

According to the comments by a Chinese migrant Gong Ming, who is presently the Chinese communicator for CCTV, she does miss celebrating the Chinese New year with her family. In China, she would partake in the making of dumplings and watch the Spring Festival on TV while bursting fireworks.

However, residing in the UAE for 3 years, she now knows how to celebrate the festival without being homesick. She normally invites friends to her apartment to cook spicy hot pot or visit the Burj Kalifa to witness the special LED light show hosted in honor of the Chinese New Year. Further, the UAE is a nation that celebrates each religion also hosts a Dragon Boat Race that is one of the traditions celebrated in the Spring Fest in China as part of the New Chinese Lunar year.

Apart from these, the UAE just like the other nations of the Globe includes the festivities like lion dances, parades, fireworks, and authentic Chinese cuisines to ensure that no Chinese migrants feel left out and miss home. A migrant named Sun Jian comments that the UAE’s enthusiasm for celebrating the Chinese Lunar Year shows the unbound friendship between the two nations.

Currently, the UAE to improve and bolster relations between China and itself is planning to build the largest Chinatown inside the district of Dubai Creek Harbour. This was decided last to improve bilateral relations between the nations year when president Xi Jinping visited the UAE for his landmark visit.

Presently, the country enjoys the fond sentiments of its Chinese migrants who are grateful to the UAE for making them feel at home during the Chinese New Year.