5 Places Where Rail Trails have been replaced by Road Trials

5 Places Where Rail Trails have been replaced by Road Trials
5 Places Where Rail Trails have been replaced by Road Trials

Train networks have been part of the world since a long time and they have played a significant role in the field of transportation since ages. In fact train journey is still considered as one of the most convenient modes of transport for many countries across the world.

However, the impacts of road and air travel have shown a significant impact on the amount of commuters via the rail network. However, instead of taking it as a drawback, the rails tracks have been eventually replaced with road trials. Here are 6 places in the United States that have gone through the same.

1. Withlacoochee State Trail, Florida

The entire route that previously used to be a rail trail is full of wildlife sightings including gopher tortoises and opossums.

2. Paul Bunyan State Trail, Minnesota

This path runs along a former railroad town called Brainerd. This place is also known as the Land of 10,000 lakes. You can easily travel now between the closely knit towns in a short duration time.

3. Rio Grande Trail, Colorado

This is the longest rail-trail in Colorado which is 42-mile-long. It also features the best scenery of the state including ranch lands, soaring peaks, dry sagebrush and conifer forests.

4. Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail, California

This 25 mile route in California is mainly dominated by the dramatic landscapes of the Susan River Canyon. The best way to explore the amazing landscapes is by cycling on the packed gravel.

5. New River Trail State Park

The trail is located in the southwest Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains along the New River. This offers a natural landscape of the narrow valleys, the farm field and the woodlands.

The replacement of the train tracks with road trials took a considerable period of time but the beauty of the places still remains the same.

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