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Things Which You Should Never Do On a Plane

Things Which You Should Never Do On a Plane
Things Which You Should Never Do On a Plane

You have boarded a plane and ready to enjoy every moment of your flight. You want to enjoy the journey through the clouds and toggle on the entertainment system, when a co-passenger gets into a heated argument with you over something.

However, one sad part about air travel is the airplane etiquettes which one fails to follow. Failing to maintain these etiquettes can often lead to trouble. Take a look into the list of things which you shouldn’t do.

Slam Your Seat Back

One can easily agree that immediately after take-off, slamming the seat straight back, without taking a look behind to see if slamming the seat is going to send a drink flying or bang into another passenger’s screen, it’s absolutely a harsh act. Any such action without thinking of other passengers is surely not acceptable.

Fighting for the Armrest

When you have taken the window seat or aisle seat, you should be considerate enough to give the middle seat passenger some armrest space. You should never think of elbowing the person throughout the flight. If you do so, you are sure to make enemies during the flight.

Smell Bad

You might feel relieved after removing the shoes during the long flight. However, you need to ensure that your feet doesn’t smell and drifting through the cabin. The bad smell of your feet can’t be in your control but try to avoid polluting the cabin air and elicit hatred from co-passenger.

Not Wearing Headphones

You might have an amazing taste of music and movies. However, your co-passenger might not be interested in listening the sounds. They might want to get some sleep. Hence, it’s better to plug in headphones and let others enjoy their personal time.

Stealing Overhead Space

The overhead space should be shared both by you and your co-passenger. So throwing all your small stuffs and not allowing others to store things shouldn’t be done. Or else, you are bound to anger your co-passenger.

Although, you may not always in the mood to chat with your co-passenger, making enemies is not the solution. You should avoid committing these mistakes at any cost.