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Belize- Central America’s most Eco Friendly Tourist Destination

Belize- Central America’s most Eco Friendly Tourist Destination
Belize- Central America’s most Eco Friendly Tourist Destination

Belize is a coastal country locate in the eastern coast of Central America and it spreads across the Caribbean Sea shorelines in its east side, while in its west side it is enclosed with dense jungles. Belize was formerly the colony of British Honduras and it is also the only country in Central America that is without a coastline on the Pacific Ocean.

Why is Belize an eco-friendly country?
The first question that must have come to your mind is why the article is talking about an eco-friendly place. Well, sometimes you must enjoy places that show you the natural beauty of nature. In modern times environmental pollution is a big concern in every sector. Pollution is also an important factor for tourism and this is where Belize makes a mark. The simple thing is that it is eco-friendly.

Sustainable garden
One of the best places where you can step your foot is at the sustainable garden in Belize. Hamanasi is a place in Belize where you will find this sustainable garden. One of the main contributors to global warming is the non-sustainable form of farming and in this garden special is taken for avoiding the greenhouse gases and also cutting down trees and replanting it. This is one of the main reasons why tourists will love to visit the country.

Stay at a Tree House
One of the most unique and eco-friendly experiences that you can have here is staying at the tree house that is all surrounded by tropical jungle and the fauna in Belize. The tree houses make enough room for a good stay with family.

Go for snorkelling
Take advantage of staying at the eco-friendly coastline. You can go for snorkelling and even scuba diving and check out the Barrier Reef underwater. It is a refreshing and adventurous experience that you can get.

Belize is a very beautiful place where you are sure to find nature in its purest form and enjoy it too.