The 4 must do Experiences at Serengeti National Park

The 4 must do Experiences at Serengeti National Park
The 4 must do Experiences at Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park is a famous wildlife national park in Tanzania and it is known for the migration of over 1.5 million wild beasts annually. Additionally, it is also famous for the numerous numbers of Nile Crocodiles and the honey badger. If you love exploring the wildlife then this National park in Tanzania is just the place where you should be.

Spending some time with nature along with the natural beasts is not at all a bad idea and therefore here is a list of the top five must-do experiences at the Serengeti National Park:

1. Witness the wild beast migration
This is what the Serengeti National Park is famous for and you must definitely make it is a point to visit it. During the annual migration at least 2 million wild beasts migrate across 1800 miles. It is also known as the Greatest Show on Earth.

2. Spend time with the Hippos
They are not that ferocious and you can easily spend time with the hippos at the Serengeti National Park. They love to stay afloat at the Retina Hippo Pool and you can find hundreds of Hippos in their natural habitat.

3. Stay within the National park
If you are planning for accommodation in the Serengeti National Park then choose the one that is just adjacent to them. You will not only get a good stay but also be thrilled to encounter the beasts up close.

4. Make friends with the locals
Make sure to meet the locals of the National park and be friends with them. They will not cause you any harm and they are as friendly as the others.

What types of animals live here?
Specifically, it cannot be said that what animals you might encounter here but there are plenty of animals here and you will surely get to see more than your expectations.

The Serengeti National Parks is the best place to enjoy wildlife as close as possible and in the safest way possible.