The Places to go for Snorkeling in Palawan, the Philippines

Palawan is one of the most visited places in Philippines. When you are travelling to Philippines you are most certainly going to visit this place. It is an incredible place and is widely written about in most of the magazines and travel blogs.

Here are a few places where you can go for snorkeling quite easily and have fun too.

The Malajon Island or the Black Island

Although the name is Malajon Island, this area is more commonly called by the locals and the tourists as Black Island. It consists of Black limestone cliffs that peep out from the dark blue waters. You can have fun and enjoy snorkeling at its best.

Siete Pecados

In Palawan, Siete Pecados is among the most popular tourist destination and it is also very close to the Coron town. This is one of the best places if you are looking for underwater adventure and can only be accessed by boats.

The Dimalanta Island

This is a small uninhabited island that is located in the north of Busuanga. As the boats cannot reach the shores due the corals in shallow water you need to start snorkeling right from where the boat is anchored. You can come snorkeling towards the shore.

The Banana Island

Banana Island deserves to be mentioned among the snorkeling list because of its white sand beaches and the crystal clear blue waters. The more you get inside the sea water the more you come across the huge varieties of Corals and fishes.

Snorkeling is more fun and enjoyable when you can see diverse varieties of corals and fish species in the presence of clear waters that offer good visibility. Palawan is one such place and also a very popular destination for snorkeling and there are a number of places to choose as your ideal spot for snorkeling in this archipelagic province. You can also go for diving, and for that matter Coron is the ideal destination as it offers the best diving spots in the country.