Did you know about these Bizarre Festivals Celebrated around the World?

Festivals are so important to each and every human being in the world. For those who are experiencing festivals, it is all about fun, relaxation and entertainment. Many people also take festivals as an opportunity for increasing their financial conditions; festivals for them are an essential occasion for promoting their business and making some extra money.

You cannot limit on the types of festivals that can be celebrated. All around the world there are so many varieties of festivals celebrated every year. You are aware of the most common festivals but did you know about these bizarre festivals too that are also celebrated around the world?

The Wife Carrying world Championship, Finland

It might sound easy but not so easy to perform. The male competitors has to carry his female team mate from one point to another, however the distance is quite a distance including several obstacles.

Boryeong mud Festival, South Korea

This initially started as a way of promoting the rich in minerals mud cosmetics in South Korea but eventually turned to a fun filled festival later. It takes place along the Daecheon Beach which is rich in minerals. Guests and participants can swim in mud and relax themselves. There are also other dirty events such as mud race, mud wrestling and mud facials.

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Thailand is a home to so many attractive places ranging from the blue seas to exotic mountains. People visit Thailand round the year, but don’t be surprised if you come across the Monkey Buffet Festival, if you are on a Thailand trip. Locals fill the roads and streets with various types of foods including cakes, fruits and candies. The monkey gang completes the festival with a happy feast and lunch party.

Body painting Festival, Austria

This festival is hub for artists and artists from around the world compete against each other in face and body paintings. Awards are given too.

These bizarre festivals around the world are an impressive way of promoting the culture of the nation too and an important source of entertainment.