The Best Destinations for Millennials to Travel In 2019

The new generation is hungry for adventures and the best way to know the world is by travelling to new destinations. Choosing the right destination can be quite a difficult task. It is more so because the budget is involved in it.  However, the world is an enormous place filled with adventures and fun activities and there are ample of places that you can visit and it will fit in your budget too.

Bora Bora

Blue seas and greenery everywhere is what you witness at Bora Bora. This island has become the millennials base in the recent years. It takes a brief journey of 50 minutes from the Island of Moorea. The very first thing that will attract you is the blue lagoon. Bora Bora promises not to exceed your budget. This is also an ideal destination for young couples. Starting from luxury resorts and spas, the place is also popular for the mouth watering cuisines. You can also enjoy the over water resorts and make your stay a memorable one.


This is a paradise made of snow and blue skies. It is situated in Colorado and is a group of mountains also popularly called as ‘Rocky Mountains’, which is a year round tourist attraction. It offers a lot of recreational activities along with the outdoor activities such as skiing. Aspen is famous for its luxurious and high end restaurants. The Wheeler Opera house that was constructed in 1889 is also a famous tourist attraction.


The capital of Ireland is now a very popular destination especially for millennials. The city is famous for its historic buildings and castles which are age old, almost dating back to the 13th century. Another very important tourist attraction of Dublin is the Nation Museum of Ireland. You can easily find flights to this famous city from any part of the world.

There are plenty of other places too where you can visit. Choose a place that fits well within your budget. Keep exploring more for knowing the world better.