The Top 4 Tourist Attractions to check out in Zákynthos

Untouched wilderness, white pebbled beaches, and rustic rural villages sandwiched between turquoise waters Zákynthos has turned out to be a coveted destination for tourists this year.

So, if you’ve picked Zákynthos this year then get ready to explore untainted beauty of the third largest island in the Ionian Sea. What’s more? Here are the best tourist spots to explore once you’ve landed in Zákynthos –

  1.    Zákynthos Town

The capital of Zákynthos, this tower features remains of neoclassical buildings along with numerous boutiques, picturesque cafes, and eateries to indulge any sort of cravings. Further along the town of Zakynthos, one can see the ruins of the Venetian castle which caters to the aesthetic soul like none other.

  1.    Roma Mansion

One of the grandest buildings in Zákynthos, which remain unaffected by the 1953 earthquake, is the Roma Mansion. Today it’s owned by the elite Roma family and is open to the public. Featuring ancient furniture, books and numerous paintings this one is a must-visit for tourists.

  1.    Byzantine Museum

Possessing artifacts dating back to the 12th century this grand museum in the town hall features sculptors, art, paintings etc.

Also, this museum has the old town sculptor featuring how it looked back in the days before it was hit by the earthquake.

  1.    Shipwreck beach

One of the most famous beaches clicked by shutterbugs all across the globe, Shipwreck cove lies in the west coast of Zákynthos. Featured as one of Greece’s National tourist beaches, this one offers ethereal beauty with pebbled white sand backed by the cliffs.

Having numerous legends associated with it, one has to take a taxi-boat to get to this cliff.

Well, apart from these, one can also explore blue caves and Keri coves while touring Zákynthos.