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Europe’s Cheapest Cities for Backpackers

Europe’s Cheapest Cities for Backpackers
Europe’s Cheapest Cities for Backpackers

Young people from all over the globe love to go for hiking and mountaineering. However, backpacking can be done with minimal amount of money also. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Well, if you are planning to go for hiking in Europe, you can easily do that in the expensive cities. All you need to do is to follow the rest of the blog.

You can easily take the help of an expert in order to break down the budget for your preferred cheapest destinations in Europe.

Istanbul, Turkey £ 16.41 ($20.45 USD/day)

Backpackers and travelers can straight away head to this beautiful Turkish city at an amazingly low cost. One can rip great deals while visiting the historic sites, like the Aya Sofia or while exploring the neighborhoods of Kadikoy.

Kyiv, Ukraine £ 20.04 ($25.46)

While the capital of Ukraine remains a cultural hotspot, for backpackers this place is very cheap. You won’t need to hesitate if you want to check out the cocktail bars of the hip cafes. After all, it would cost you only a fraction of what would have cost you elsewhere. To keep you busy, you can view the street art.

Krakow, Poland £ 20.71 ($26.31)

If you are in Poland and want to do ski-mountaineering, you are at the right place. This place is known to be the cheapest holiday destination. Apart from the low-cost accommodations, the colorful combination of churches in the Old Town would surely excite you. Backpackers can remain entertained with the bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Belgrade, Serbia £ 21.25 ($26.99)

It might not be acclaimed for its beauty; however, Belgrade is popular for its nightlife and party. Beyond party, a lot of history is waiting to be explored. So you can definitely check out the architectural styles as well as nouveau wonders.

There are many more cheapest destinations in Europe which is waiting for the backpackers.